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Job Opportunities

Interview Tips

  1. Prepare responses for common interview questions.​

    • Search  “job interview questions” to  learn about what to expect in your interview.

    • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    • Why should you be hired?

    • Consider potential answers to sample questions in advance and practice

    • Try a mock interview with a parent or friend to gain confidence.​

  2. Prepare and know your resume.​​

    • DO NOT simply read your resume or refer back to it frequently during your interview as it implies the resume is untrue or misleading.

    • You should be able to talk about you resume from memory.

    • Remember to know your resume inside and out to effectively highlight your positive qualities and experiences without looking at your resume

  3. Arrive early.​​

    • Show up around 10 minutes before your scheduled interview

    • DO NOT arrive too early, but DO NOT arrive late

  4. Dress Appropriately.

    • Most jobs that teens apply for are more casual, so you can wear nice pants (or skirt for girls) and a collared shirt.

    • DO NOT wear jeans, t-shirts, or sneakers for any job-interview

  5. Act Professionally.

    • Firm handshake, eye-contact, state name with confidence, be positive and optimistic, thank the interviewer for their time

    • DO NOT speak negatively or display a poor attitude when speaking about a previous interviewer

  6. Write a thank-you note.

    • Send a thank-you note/email within 24 hours after the interview​

    • Simple and grammatically correct

    • Can follow-up with a phone call after a few days


ROP Student Job Board

To view current job postings, please click on the above link and select opportunities via industry name.